The Sensorial Activities enables the kids to name the concept that has been made concrete in each piece of material, abstract it, and then use it in the environment. 


Baric Tablets

SPM003 The Baric Tablets introduce and refine the concept of the basic sense. While blindfolded, the children endeavors to discern the weight of the tablets, the lightest weight to the darkest color wood being the heaviest weight. The set consists of the box with 7 lightweight tablets, a box with 7 medium- weight tablets and a box with 7 heavyweight...
SPM013 The Geometric Form Cards consist of 3 series of 35 cards that correspond to the figures contained within the geometric cabinet. ln the first series the figure is filled in, the second series contains a thick outline of each figure, and the third series has a thin outline of each figure. (For age 3-12)
SPM051 This control chart can be used on its own, or together with the Geometry Cabinet or Geometry Cabinet Nomenclature Cards. The chart has twenty-six shapes with their names shown below each and is printed on a heavy-duty flexible plastic sheet. (For age 3-6)
SPM012 Three series of 35 cards that correspond to the figures contained within the geometric cabinet. Each shape is represented by a thin outline, thick outline, and filled-in card. (For age 3-12) 

Tasting Exercise

SPM029 The Tasting Exercise is used by the child to refine the gustatory sense. The bottles are t prepared by the adult with the basic tastes of Sweet, Sour, Salty, and bitter that the child samples and matches. The material consists of 8 tasting bottles and a specially designed work tray. (For age 3-6)

Constructive Blue Triangles

SPM009 This box of Constructive Blue Triangles is used in the elementary Montessori classroom to explore equivalency, congruency, and similarity. A box with a lid contains 12 right-angled scalene triangles. (For age 3-12)

First Box Color Tablets

SPM015 The First Box Color Tablets introduces color and refines the chromatic sense. The first box of color tablets consists of 6 tablets, a pair of each of the primary colors red, yellow, and blue. Each tablet has end caps to aid in handling and isolating the colors. (For age 3-6)
SPM027 The Knobless Cylinders are the final stage (application) in the dimensional material where the child place in order the sets of cylinders based upon his abilities to discriminate. The cylinders have interrelationships in size that are revealed to the child as he works with the set in combination. The Knobless Cylinders set consists of 4 boxes, each...

Brown Stair

SPM011 This series of prism demonstrate to the child the change in width (breadth), while the length of 20cm remains constant. Further practice with the Broad Stair indirectly prepares the child or the concept in plane geometry, area, and volume. The hardwood prism are crafted in precise progressions from 1 cm x 1 cm x 20 cm (thin) to 10 cm x 10 cm x 20...

Third Box Color Tablets

SPM017 The final stage in color discrimination is grading the shades of color. Eventually, the child will learn the terms connected with his visual discernment, i.e., dark and light and the comparatives and Superlatives. The Third Box of Color Tablets contains 63 tablets representing nine colors in seven graded shades of red, blue, yellow, green, purple,...

Second Fabric Box

SPM021 The child pairs the fabrics according to the varying textures by feeling with the finger. The Fabric Box contains fabrics in cotton, wool, jute, silk, leather, and synthetic material. A wood box is included for storing the fabrics. Set of 6 matching pairs of white fabrics in a different texture. (For age 3-6)

Pink Tower

SPM030 This series of cubes develop visual discrimination of size in three dimensions. Exploration with this material prepares the child for mathematical concepts in the decimal system, geometry, and volume. The Pink Tower consists of ten wooden cubes painted pink and graduated in increments from l cm cube (small) to 10 cm cube (large). One additional...

Bolts & Nuts

SPM008 This material contains 5 Nuts & Bolts in 5 different diameters. (For age 3-6)

First Fabric Box

SPM020 The child pairs the fabrics according to the varying textures by feeling with the finger. The Fabric Box contains fabrics in cotton, wool, jute, silk, leather, and synthetic material. A wood box is included for storing the fabrics. Set of 12 matching pairs of fabrics. (For age 3-6)

Pressure Cylinders

SPM039 The Pressure Cylinder provides an experience and grading degrees of pressure. By pressing the spring-loaded plungers, the child sense design work tray containing 6 matching of cylinders. (For age 3-6)

Smelling Bottles

SPM041 The Smelling Botties are to refine the olfactory sense through matching. The teacher prepares the bottles with a variety of pairs of scents. The smelling bottles are made of plastic with a removable cap. When removed, a perforated top on each bottle allows the child to smell the contents without spilling. The material consists of two boxes each...

Sound Boxes

SPM043 The Sound Boxes develop auditory discrimination through exercises in pairing and grading a series of sounds. This item consists of two sets of 6 sealed wooden cylinders containing materials that make a distinctive sound when shaken by the child. The cylinders are graded from very soft to loud. (For age 3-6)

Thermic Tablets

SPM046 When touched, each of the Thermic Tablets have a different sense of temperature. The pair of tablets are used to cultivate the ability to discriminated thermic qualities. The material consists of a wooden box divided into 6 compartments containing six pairs of 8 x 4 cm tablets made from felt, wood, steel, cork, glass, and slate. (For age 3-6)
 SPM019 The Constructive Triangles give the child practical experience in plane geometry. They are called "constructive" because the child sees the triangle as the element which forms other rectangular boxes, one large hexagonal box, each containing triangles of differing size, shape, and color. (For age 3-12)

Geometric Cabinet

SPM022 The Geometric Cabinet introduces the child to plane geometry. This material consists of a cabinet with six drawers containing 35 geometric insets and frame of circles, rectangle, triangular polygons curvilinear figures a seventh triangle quadrilaterals and one blank. (For age 3-12)

Cylinder Blocks (Set of 4)

SPM026 The Cylinder Blocks provide the first stage (introduction) of experiences in visual discrimination of size. Grasping of the knobbed cylinders indirectly prepares the child for writing by developing the three-finger grip. They are made of solid beechwood with a satin-smooth lacquer finish. (For age 3-6)

Long Red Rods

SPM028 This series of rods develops visual discrimination of length, while height and width remains constant. Activities with these rods prepare the child for working with a Number Rods, as well as other mathematical concepts. The ten solid wooden rods are constant in height and width (2.5 cm) while increasing in length in equal units from 10 cm (short)...